Updates Finished



Hello friends,

with the new year almost half way through, I’ve decided to get back on track, change up things like YouTube and get back to blogging! With that said, this blog is going to undergo major changes! Please stay tuned for more info.

Also, we have officially changed YouTube channels! Here’s the welcome video for the new channel!

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New Unlock Item Codes!

Hey Penguins,

Today I found that Club Penguin has released 3 new codes for the “Unlock Items” page! They have released 3,000 coins for free, and a new guitar shirt! Don’t forget to use the coins you get for Coins for Change to help the cause. The codes are below!

MMCODE11 – 500 Coins!

MMCODE12 – Guitar Shirt!

MMCODE13 – 2,500 Coins!

I hope you enjoy these free coins and a free shirt!


New Field Ops and I met Happy77!

Hey Penguins,

Club Penguin released their new field ops #61! This is my first field ops review video! Check it out below!

Also, the lighthouse has been filled with coins! If you throw a snowball in the lighthouse, it turns into a coin! Check it out!

Lastly, I met Happy77 and Businesmoose on Sleet today!

Well, have a great day!


Card Jitsu Party Review 2011

Hey Everyone,

Its Sweetkid123 here, with you’re 2011 Card Jitsu Party Review. I know I’ve been gone lately, but this ones not to miss. I made a video for you all, and its HD! Check it out below!

Comment what you think! Thanks


Island Adventure Party 2011

Welcome to the blog everyone! I’ve missed you. I took awhile away, to focus on my life. But, nevertheless, I’m back! So, 2 days ago, Club Penguin posted their Island Adventure Party. It featured the Dance Club as a hula theme, and all the buildings in the town as a hula theme.

The Town

Also, Rockhopper’s back. He has decked out the Pizza Parlor. It’s ready for pirates all alike to go have some pizza and Cream Soda. But, theres a problem, the Cream Soda that Rockhopper supplied for the Pizza Parlor, is MISSING. Check out your notice that was posted in the Pizza Parlor!

The Notice

You have to complete an Adventure to find the Cream Soda. Here’s how!

1. Go to the Pizza parlor, and Click on the sign posted on the wall behind the counter.

2. Go to the Migrator’s shop. Where the cream soda is held, it will be gone and a sign will be there. Read and follow.

3. Go to the iceberg. Wait for a shadow figure to appear on the far left side of it. Throw a snowball (fish) to it, you will receive a telescope. Click on it. Read directions and follow.

4. Go to the Dock, there is a boat in the middle. It will be destroyed. Put it together. A message and a feather will leave the cannon if rebuilt correctly. Click it, and follow directions.

5. Go to the forest and click on the tree. Go into the party room. Copy the birds with the drums (Color coordinates with the bird and drums). Egg will crack at far top middle-left-ish part of screen. Click on the map and key. Read directions and follow.

6. Go to cove. Put on your Construction Hat. If you do not have one, then go to the Jackhammer leaning on a post next to the  X on the ground. Then you will get one. Then take off everything except your construction hat. Then begin to jackhammer away on the X. The ground will have a hole, then all of a sudden, the Cream Soda creates will pop up and a box with a “Continental” hat floating on Cream Soda next to the crates. Click on the hat. Then a message pops up and you can get the hat.

That’s about it. Thanks for checking in on the blog. Comment, and send feedback!


I’m Back!

Hello everyone! I would like to let you all know that I’m back! I have updated the site a little bit, and I have checked out Club Penguin. I’ve been very busy in my life, and not paying much attention to this site. Sorry. I will be posting tonight for the new party! With ALL new pictures! Thanks!

The New color!

Hey Guys!

The new color on Club Penguin is aqua! It looks like the light blue but it has a slight difference. Its a bit darker. Some have said it was rigged as a poll. I am not 100% sure, but I doubt that They would waste the time in a poll and the voting booth and everything for it to be rigged. They are also having a new party very soon aswell. The Tallest Mountain may be the newest room aswell!

The Club Penguin catalog changed the layout of the colors. Here is a picture of the layout and the new penguin with Aqua.

The Color Layout

The Color Layout

The new color

The new color

The new color is very nice, at least thats what I think

Also, Heatblast227’s Youtube was hacked. It was closed by someone. It will be back hopefully very soon. Good Luck Heatblast! I hope it comes back. You can get them back, but your videos are gone forever apparently :(. I will miss all your great videos heatblast! I will let you all know if and when the account is back up! I am hoping to help Heat and his crew if they need it!


Color Vote Soon

Hey guys,

As many of you know, there is going to be 1 of 3 colors new on Club Penguin. Soon we get to vote on it!

Picture 5.png

The three colors are Maroon, Lavendar, and Aqua. Im not sure what to vote for yet. What are you going to vote on or are you thinking about?

I am going to be working on my website alot. Can you guys comment on what I should do to it to make it better!